Winner, Winner Charcuterie Dinner!!

I won, I won... I'm super excited to be shareing this newly started small business with you.

Bowie (my daughter) was lucky enough to have an awesome pre-school teacher. As school ended, somewhere along the line her teacher and I became friends on Facebook and so glad we did! One of her side passions are these little charcuterie boards.

Del's Charcuterie Boards based out of Santee, CA. where each board is made with love, is a simply perfect treat to your day.  She provides different options and variety I've even seen "his and her's" witb a only cheese and only meat board. 

Del's can be found on facebook at Del's Charcuterie Boards Group

I'm so excited! The last time I got free charcuterie was sampling the case while working at Whole Foods.

We are calling this the Dels Birthday Mini Board 2020 edition.

Veggie Cakes


We got real bad over the last few weeks eating at home together so when our next CSA box arrived we still had a fridge full of veggies. So I came across this recipe by for veggie cakes. I adapted it to use the veggies I had and came out great. I was able to make a big batch and froze them on a single layer sheet pan over night. Then moved them to a zip-loc bag. 

I took the suggestion of topping it with an egg for a yummy breakfast treat. 

Over A Campfire

I have a love for cooking over a campfire. There is something neat about having to process how to cook food without all your typical tools you would normally use in your kitchen. 

I've made this recipe three times now on camping trips and its never failed. 
Pay attention to your fire. If your Dutch oven seems too hot on one side give it a turn. Know your beef, once I used something bigger and it took awhile. This time it was longer and flater and didn't take as long.

We had alot of produce to use up from our CSA so we added flat leaf parsly to the beef and carrots and mushrooms to the vegetables.

Easy Lunch

Tuna melts are my husband and mine go-to lunch time dish.
We normally have the ingrediants a can of tuna, mayo, bagel, tomato, red onion, cheese, salt & pepper.