Just because we are poor...

Ok well we aren't poor, But we definitely aren't rich! As you can tell, I have yet to post new recipes I have been wanting to try out. This is because, Matt and I haven't been grocery shopping in a while.
We have now started to eat what we got, which is great, there is a bit of food in the cupboards which definitely
could be eaten. Not all of it great food, but its food!

Which brings me to my lunch today, I felt like having a bit of soup, but no cans of soup... :(
Maybe, some Alfredo noodles (the kind you get in a box),
~ "We ain't got no milk."~ 'Friday' quote
So that means no cereal either... Yes, I would eat cereal for lunch... even dinner! But only with milk.

As I keep mousing around the kitchen, my eyes fall upon 'Top Ramen Noodles', Chicken flavor. Well its not my first pick, I would much rather drive over to 'Santana' and pick me up a carne asada California burrito stuffed with french fries, rice, salsa fresca, beans, and oozing with sour cream and cheese... But I don't get paid till Friday! hee hee hee

But the 'Top Ramen Noodles' weren't so bad! (I couldn't do it everyday) I added some frozen vegetables that were stuffed in the back of the freezer, and a bit of spring onion from my herb garden. I could have added a lot more, maybe some red pepper, garlic, pepper, peas, and the list goes on and on... And it does go on and on... there are even websites and cook books dedicated to 'Top Ramen Noodles' recipes!

101 Ways to Make Ramen Noodles Cookbook


And what is your favorite 'Top Ramen Noodles' recipe?
Leave a comment to share with all of us!

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Matt Moncauskas said...

Top Ramen Noodles ( broth drained)

- ketchup
- Soy Sauce
- Sriracha (rooster sauce)

Jason said...

gotta try it with
- peanut oil
- peanut butter
- chili paste

Missy said...

Mac a Ramen:
Open a box of Mac n cheese but replace the elbow pasta with ramen.

Pretty much ramen with everything tastes good. I personally dont use the soup and just rock out the noodles.

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