How To Host A Cookie Party

How To Host A Cookie Party

1. Come up with a theme: Christmas is always a good thing.

3. Create an invitation and invite guests. We chose one on Evite but formal invitations are nice too.
  A. Be sure to include an e-mail to send recipies
  B. Include date, time, and address.
  C. Decide on how many cookies your guests should bring, Enough to enjoy at 
      the party and enough for guests to take home.
  D. Have a RSVP date, so you'll know how many guest will be there.

4. Choose your cookie recipes and have your guest email their recipes to you.

5. Print out enough copies of everyone's recipes so everyone can take home a copy. Put them each in a decorative envelope. Have them ready to hand out with guest names on front.

6. Decorate the home, Christmas lights, holiday cards, tinsel, hip-hop Santa, Christmas tree, etc...

7. Set up some tables with platters. To be able to fit a lot of platters, wrap up some boxes to raise some platters. Also use some large vases, any cookies that don't crumble can be filled inside the vase to make more room on the table.

When guests arrive:
Have them place their creations on a platter, have them write their name and cookie choice, on a label stuck to a tooth-pick, then place the tooth-pick through a cookie to show off their cookies.

Let your guests make themselves at home... offer out drinks like hot cocoa, tea, egg-nog, coffee, and lots of milk!

Play some games to keep guest entertained...
* Pick up some "Hello my name is..." labels, label them ahead of time with characters of Christmas (example Santa Clause, The Grinch, Ralphie, Scrooge...). As guest come through the front door put a label on their back, without them knowing who the character is. The point is for your guests to guess who the character is by only asking yes or no questions. Its a fun guessing game that gets your guests mingling and conversing!

* Apples to Apples is a great group game!
As guests start to leave hand them a zip-loc bag and have them pick out some cookies to share with their family, don't forget to give them the recipe packets too!

Other things you need to get before the guests arrive: Savory snacks, Drinks, Christmas music, snow man plates, napkins, zip-loc bags, etc...

Have a wonderful Cookie Exchange!

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