What is your favorite meal or drink on a cold rainy day?

From soup to hot cocoa what is it that you enjoy to warm you up from the cold and rainy weather?

Leave a comment below to share your favorite thing!

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Stephen said...

Anything that involves a long slow braise in the dutch oven, in the oven. The food is warm and comforting and the oven helps keep the kitchen warm! Recently it was a chicken with garlic and root vegetables. Today is gonna be 5 spice spareribs and red onions, and Sunday will probably be a 7 bone roast braised in red wine served over polenta.

Rebecca Louise said...

I love a yummy chili over rice. with a bit of spice, sour cream, chopped onion and a dash of cilantro!
Also any good soup but a creamy one, or chicken pot pie soup like the kind from Souplantation!

And for a drink I love a chocolat chaud (Hot Chocolate) with, of course, Whipped Cream!

Rebecca Louise said...

Yum Stephen sounds good.

Lizzie Baird-Murray said...

Mac and Cheese - made with chopped onion, bacon, sour cream, cream and some sharp cheddar chesse!

Matt said...

A warm cup of English Breakfast Tea :)

Jordan said...

A beef or lamb stew that has been slowly cooking all day filling the air with its aroma gives me a warm feeling. To drink a glass of brandy or a hot buttered rum drink seems to warm one from the inside out.

Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate with a little Baily's hits the spot on a cold evening! :)

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