Kooking Klatch Hosted by Brooke

This evening, I joined my Mommy in-law Debbie, at the Kooking Klatch.
It is hosted by Brooke in her lovely condo and tonight we prepared an Italian menu.
The menu consisted of Bruschetta, Panzanella Salad, Pancetta and Asparagus Risotto, Braciole Di Maiale Al Vino Bianco, and of course... Tirmisu.

Everyone there picks a station and prepares their recipe. I very excitedly voted myself for the Bruschetta! Its one of my favorite dishes and its one of those things I could very well eat all the time. Bruschetta is also something that not only smells divine with its freshly cut basil, but it looks  absolutely fabulous!
All the dishes there were so yummy which even proves to me more and more how Matt and I need a vacation to Italy! 

Here are some more yummy photos - Recipes to follow!

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