Fine Dining With The Art Institute of San Diego

Last week I took part in the Art Institute of San Diego's class final. For twenty five dollars (that went to charity) we dined on a seven course meal. Each course was based on a different countries. The meals were small but ever so tasty... hence the fine dining part.
I tried everything from the fissssh to the blue cheese spread, there wasn't anything I didn't like and my favorite was dessert plate.
The Menu

The first course a soup shooter with three layers at different temperatures.
1st. lima beans (hot), 2nd. butternut squash (Medium), 3rd. sweet corn whip (cold)

The Salad
The Walnut was amazing! It also included a fig, kumquat, a sherry vinaigrette, and blue cheese whip inside of a crouton cone.

Ground nut soup
This was served with sort of like a peanut butter whip in the center of the bowl and then the servers came around and poured chicken broth over the top,
give it a little stir and enjoy.

The Fissssh!
I'm not a big fish eater but I did enjoy this. The fish and rice were cooked perfect and I loved the red bell pepper it was paired with.

Limoncello sorbet and blood orange granita
This was a nice palette cleanser.

Pork Entree
This was my favorite!
I loved the spiciness of the spiced-rubbed pork paired with the habanero salsa, It had just the right amount of spice. It was served over a very yummy black bean rice.
Also there was a shreaded pork in a lovely marinade, served with plantain chips.

1. Brittle eclair and peach sauce
2. Shortbread cookie with blue berry reduction 
3. Chocolate mousse cookie with my favorite raspberry sauce

Pink Peppercorn And Thyme Soda!

Excellent table settings and center pieces!

Thank you Pat & Morgan for the invite!
Thank you to Morgan, Patty and Tim for the great company!

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Loved the pictures from the SD Art Institute - inspirational!

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