Let Me Tell You 'Bout This Place, Ranchos Cocina!

"Ranchos Cocina is a Mexican and Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant located in the heart of North Park, North Parks little Downtown. We are located on 30th and University.

Rancho is the beautiful happy place where you can enjoy creative healthy dishes with unforgettable flavors at a very reasonable price. Ranchos food is made fresh daily with the finest ingredients. When oil is required, we use a little olive or veggie oil. Our rice and beans are vegetarian and vegan. Our mole and sauces are made from scratch. We try to get as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible. We carry fresh fish and organic coffee. For our non-dairy smoothies we use organic apple juice, fresh squeezed orange juice or organic soy milk." -via Ranchos Cocina website

Really a yummy and fresh place to get your Mexican food on!
This is one of our favorite places to dine.
I love the over grown plants outside as you walk in the front door and the array of pictures hanging from the decorated walls.

Just after your seated you receive from the friendly staff a bowl of crispy tortilla chips and fresh and spicy salsa. (but just the right amount of spice).
And then soon after your order your food comes. From tacos to burritos, vegetarian and traditional Mexican there is plenty to order!

Papa Rancho 
Enchiladas Rojas with Chicken, topped with red Sauce

Chips & Salsa

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Matt said...

the Enchiladas were AWESOME!!!

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