I Got Into A Fight...

... With a side dish!

Friday 11:00PM -
Its late.
Gotta prep a side dish.
So tired I over cooked the potatoes.
Strained them.
And like an idiot added the other stuff, I suppose hopeful that it would be fine.
My 'Cheesy Potato Mash-up' (as my bestie calls it) turned into 'Cheesy potato mash' and looked all mush-i-fied!
Like a little kid threw it in the fridge and stomped of to bed.
Somehow I fell asleep mad at potatoes and disappointed at myself because I just wanted it perfect.

Saturday 8:00AM -
A new day.
Wake up.
Say out loud "I refuse to loose to a silly potato!"
Head to the kitchen, dressed and apron on.
New Paula Dean Knife in hand, wash potatoes ready to be chopped!
Chop potatoes.
Boil Potatoes.
Set timer 20min.
Strain potatoes.
Remove still good (but I'm not satisfied mush from previous mess up), from the fridge.
Mix the two together (carefully without mushing the second batch)

Season, Inspect, Taste!

Muah, Ha ha ha ha (Evil Laugh)

... And I win!
Look who didn't loose to a potato!

The End

Oh the recipe...

"Cheesy Potato Mash-Up"
... Ill have to get back to you on that... Going to get the portions down right.

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