Phone Switch?

Ok people! I need your help!
This isn't really food related but it is Blog related...

I've had a T-Mobile Sidekick since 2002. Because I have been with them for so long I have a really great plan...

Get More 1000 PROMO
1000 Whenever Minutes, Whenever Unlimited nights & weekends

Sidekick Unlimited
- Unlimited Web
- Unlimited Text
- Unlimited Picture
- Unlimited Instant Messages

CallerTunes = $1.49 per month +
$1.99 a song (when I buy one)

Premium Handset Protection Bundle = (whatever that is?!)
WorldClass International Service = Free
My T-Mobile bill is now about $75ish

If I was to go to another carrier (Like AT&T - I-Phone) My bill would be about $120ish?
And I wouldn't get all those things unlimited and anytime minute thinggy! 
I'd be paying more for less services!

But I feel it would help out my blog better.
Emails quicker, better photos, apps to things like yelp and google maps, etc...

I have no idea what to do!?
What do you think? 
What type of phone do you have and how is it productive to you?
Is it worth paying more for a lesser plan?
Apple iPhone 4 - 32 GB

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