La Caja China Pig Roast

Finishing the deck in our yard was one hard task. But being able to entertain on it is amazing. We have hosted a couple things on the deck with family and friends and its wonderful to have the extra space. 

Recently we decided to borrow a friends La Caja China Roaster. I was really excited to try it out.
The La Caja China Roaster is a wooden box with sheet metal inside. There are racks to hold the meat and the lid on top holds the coals. When the coals are lit the contents of inside the box heat up and almost steam cook inside. This causes everything to come out tender and moist. The meat just falls off the bone. Before we got started we watched a video on how to use the La Caja China.

Now, obviously, Matt and I can't eat a whole 44lbs pic to ourselves! We invited over a few people and all of them were awesome in creating a side dish or dessert to accompany our roast.
Everything went smoothly the whole night. The La Caja China was easy to cook with, we even added some foil wrapped potatoes to the coals.

The meat and skin were amazing tasting. The meat fell right off the bone as Matt pulled it apart, it was tender, moist and flavorful. The skin was crispy and crunchy and cracked as we broke it up. yummm.

So here are some peektures of the porker, enjoy!

Where can you find a whole pig?
JE Exports
(619) 426-6992
1680 Hilltop Dr, Chula Vista, CA 91911

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Perry P. Perkins said...

Awesome looking pig! Looks like you guys nailed it!

FYI...we (La Caja China and I) just released a cookbook, "La Caja China Cooking." -

Lots of recipes and tips on my blog as well!


Latin said...

"Nice pig roast recipe. You may find some nice la caja china style recipe ideas, La caja china style box, Cookbook & many more here Join the grill master community here

Latin Touch"

Kevin said...

One of the more impressive ways to cook a whole pig I've ever seen! The La Caja China style of BBQ is slowly catching on down here in Florida.

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