The Fabulous Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman

Hello everyone, Just got back from a short visit to Los Angeles to attend The Fabulous Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman's book signing!
What a wonderful time, my best friend Morgan and I had...

Leaving Sunday with a loaded car of girl scout cookies, chips, and water.. (provisions for the long drive), we made it to Orange County for a short visit to Morgans Grandpas house. Her grandpa was so welcoming and even took us to his favorite Mexican restaurant that night. The staff at Avila's El Ranchito was wonderful, they all knew Morgan's grandfather and they were so helpful and friendly. The tortillas are made fresh on the spot and they were so yummy, I could have just ordered tortillas and I would have been happy! We all had the tortilla soup and it had huge amounts of avocados in it, it was so good. Great food and great company!

Then we headed back to the house where I soon went to bed with the anticipation of an early wake up at 6:30AM to head out to LA's The Grove.

As Morgan and I headed out that morning we stopped at a Fire Department. Morgan had read that Ree Drummond's brother loved anything Fire Fighter related. Morgan thought of a great gift to get him a shirt or a hat from her hometown fire department. We hollered at someone who worked there and explained the story of why we were there and he said sure - he could help! We got the great gift and then we were off, we hit lots of LA traffic but we made it to The Grove just before 9:00AM. Perfect timing! Thanks to our early wake up and being halfway there, we would only be about twentieth in line... which would mean we wouldn't have a late late night drive home!!

After we purchased the new book and getting a wrist band we had till 4:30 to "kill time" until we had to come back for the signing... Now what we do?

This is what...
A delicious Crepe from The French Crepe Company! Filled with Nuttella, Banana and topped with whip cream. My favorite kind of crepe!

This was Morgans yummy crepe! Also delicious!
Just at the end of the grove is this amazing Farmers Market. Loads of baked goods, restaurants, fresh produce, meat markets, candy, hot sauce... etc... It was so cool and I wish it was closer to San Diego!
We also came back for lunch... I had BBQ Brisket, so tender, oh and the potatoes where awesome, I'm a sucker for potatoes and these were so good. Especially when dipped in the BBQ sauce!
 After we wandered around The grove, went to LUSH (Morgan's favorite soap store), dreamed of what we would buy, (if we were rich) from Sur La Table, Oh and then went on a crazy mission - around LA - to find copies of Pioneer Woman's Cookbook. All because The Groves Barns And Nobel was sold out... Lame! 

By that time it was about 4:30... Time to line up!
We waited, chatted in line and then 6:00, out she came, the one and only, Pioneer Woman! Everyone cheered! 
 The line moved quick and then it was our turn, we got the book signed and she even signed 'Dine & Devour' in mine... I was so excited! We then took pictures... She is so pretty! And then we were done... and off for the long (but soooo worth it) drive home!

Special thanks to:
My Mommy - The rent-a-car was awesome! $40 in gas from SD to LA back to SD!
Aimee (My Boss) For letting me have today off work so I could go on this amazing adventure.
Morgan's Grandfather for letting us stay and have a slumber party!
Chuck the Fire Fighter for selling us a T-shirt for The Pioneer Woman's brother.
Morgan for being my co-pilot, keeping me awake, and being my bestie.
The guy at the Barns And Nobel that helped us find another copy of The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, I forgot your name but your rad!
Pioneer Woman, Thank you for signing the extra stuff "Dine & Devour" in my book, and being wonderful, gorgeous and inspirational! Love to you too!
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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun! I love PW and I wish I could go to one of her book signings!

Anonymous said...

You tease me with these pictures! It looks incredibly delicious, I mean your meal of course;) And you've spent good time, I am glad for you! I even envy you in a way. OMG, Pioner Woman!

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