Its A Rainy Day Here In San Diego...

Its a rainy day here in San Diego, I can't complain, I love when it rains.
Although driving to and from work is going to suck! Its a known fact that San Diegans can't drive in the rain!

But there is nothing like a warm cup of tea, hot cocoa, soup, chili, curry, etc...

What is your favorite foodie thing to enjoy on those cold and rainy days?

Leave a comment below. Have a great day! xx I'm off for a Hot Cocoa!

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Anonymous said...

I love a great bowl of chicken noodle soup!

London said...

I love to sit in the parked car with a warm drink and look out at the ocean/storm clouds! By the way, great blog! I am Ashleigh (of Chantilly et Foie)'s roommate, and we are also based in San Diego. Check out my blog Crumbles. I think it would be fun to meet up! Let me know what you think :)

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