Happy National S'mores Day!!!

What better way to share National S'mores Day with everyone than to show you how we cook our S'mores in our household! A while back I received a gift from my fabulous aunt Kathy. We had all come across The Cosi S'more Maker at the Kensington Cafe during one of their movie nights. Just a few weeks later Kathy surprised me with my own Cosi S'more Maker.
 Cosi S'more Maker
Has a spot for the chocolate, grams and mellos
Uses Sterno for the fire

What's a S'more?
For those of you that don't know what a s'more is... You need to get skool'd! :)
It's a dessert containing chocolate, gram crackers and roasted marshmallows. Its commonly made around a campfire. If your still un-sure wikipedia has a whole page on S'mores...

How do you make and eat them?
Well, the best way to learn is from The Sandlot...

So its National S'more Day... GO EAT S'MORES!!! 

Special thanks to Auntie Kathy. xx 

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family tree maker free said...

i see hershey's in the picture - my favorite chocolate!
Touching video by the way (i remember this)

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