There's A New BBQ Place In Town

Yep, There's a new place to find excellent BBQ!
Brazen BBQ has been open for about a month now and Matt and I were just able to check it out. Such a wonderful atmosphere, and friendly staff, owner, manger and head chef.
When the head chef came round our huge picnic table to see how our food was it must have been obvious because we were practically licking the BBQ sauce off our plates.

May start by saying I want the pepper seasoning used for the french fries, bottled and used on all my food. That also includes the BBQ sauce!

Also I can't decide from the two bottles of BBQ sauce placed at every table, which I like more... Both delicious in their own way. One a bit sweet the other a bit spicy.

The fall off the bone, tender, perfectly seasoned meat was a exciting treat!

Then can't forget the sides... from the cornbread to the beans, corn to the fries, they were all great pairs with the meat. mmmmmmmmm the cornbread!

The Bar


Dinner for two - Brisket, Ribs, Chicken
Corn, Cornbread, Beans, Fries


Pulled Pork Sandwich


Pulled Sliders


441 Washington Street.
San Diego, CA, 92103
(619) 816-1990
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