New Book: Scanwiches By Jon Chonko

Got a new book today its pretty neat...

Scanwiches, By Jon Chonko, takes a detailed look at some favorite types of sandwiches! I've really enjoyed picking up this book. Although... from the fabulous pictures, I find myself drooling between pages. Each Scanwich includes a description about the Scanwich and also a definition, origin or variation. There are plenty of scanwiches from all over the world.

Pick up your copy today...
"Scanwiches takes the sandwich and spreads it out for all to see. From full-frontal, cross sections of monsters like the Dagwood and club, to minute, geometric tea sandwiches whose construction looks more like minimalist art than culinary creation, Scanwiches presents unabashed food porn that satiates even the most severe sandwich fetish."
- powerHouse Books
Scanwiches On Facebook (link)

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Sandwiches are my favorite type of food! It is an ultimate way of snacking, I love trying new ingredients and recipes. Thanks for the review

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