Inspired by 'Julie and Julia', and other things too.

Inspiration to me (in no particular order)

My First Post 7-31-09
Well, here I am not really sure that anyone will see this... But at least I'm having fun and I suppose that's all that counts. I'm not really a writer as you can probably tell! But I do love to share and most of all cook!

I was very privileged to have received tickets to the premier of 'Julie and Julia'. I enjoyed it so much! Missy, Sherri, my mum, and I went last night to see it. It was really good and most of all really inspiring! It made me want to cook while sitting in the theater.

Other Inspirations...

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Liz said...

Love the blog! The pix are great and you ARE a writer because what you say is fun and lovely! Love you - Mum xxx

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