Cici's Pizza

So I'm sure you see the commercials but there aren't any Cici's Pizza located close to us...
the closest is located in Las Vegas, NV. Until now!

5801 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92115

Matt and I went with Mat and Missy, Jeremy and Jordan.
Jordan, a great friend, said,
"I liked the cinnamon rolls and brownies, I also enjoyed the cheese pizza!"

- Jordan
Isn't she so cute!

It was an ok meal nothing to fantastic but great for its cost. $5.99 sodas $1.89
But the commercial says "all you can eat buffet for under $5.00" ?
I did have the macaroni pizza, I keep hearing about, and it was not awful, Go check it out for yourself!

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Liz said...

Macaroni pizza - please tell!

Rebecca Louise said...

I added a pic of the Macaroni Pizza - Its just how it sounds!

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