The Best Bagels Ever!

These are onion bagels from 'Garden State Bagels' located in Encinitas.
The bagels from there are always plump and perfect tasting! They use Philadelphia Cream Cheese, they have awesome breakfast sandwiches, fresh ingredients, tons of different types of sweet and savory bagels, great lunch sandwiches, bagel and lox, and great friendly staff!
I only wish they were closer to my house!

Luckily my fabulous parents in law live close by, So whenever we make a trip up to Encinitas we are sure to stop by 'Garden State Bagels' for a dozen of bagels.
When Matt came home yesterday with a giant bag of bagels I was super excited - The smell of them took me back!

I am really spoiled when it comes to my bagels, only because my first job was for 'Garden State Bagels'. I loved working there! Even now when I might go to another bagel spot Its just not the same, They can't even cut or toast a bagel right!

Next time your in Encinitas be sure to check them out!

Garden State Bagels Encinitas  

191 N. El Camino Real, Suite #106, Encinitas - (760) 942-2435

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