Grand Buffet at Art Institute San Diego

Dear Pat,
Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your final buffet! It was really interesting to see your school and taste some yummy food!


Tonight we were invited to take part in our friend Pat's school final, located at Art Insitute. It was really crowded with lots of hungry appetites but with a bit of patience Matt and I enjoyed some little tastes of four different countries including desserts too. Bare with me as I explain things its hard to remember all the great things!
We both agreed we enjoyed Pat's section the most. (Not just because it was his section)
Pat's section was Italian. The table was perfectly decorated all though we weren't there for the decoration but more for the food. It began with a caprese salad with tomato, mozzarella and basil, vegetables grilled with balsamic, and balsamic mozzarella. Then there was a croquette, chicken with spinach and pine nuts, Italian pasta dish and a yummy pork and mushroom gravy.  

Then we moved over to the Spain table, (which, sorry, I missed taking a photo for), We dined on lamb skewers, a yellow rice dish, empanadas, and prosciutto.
Next was France. And since I'm in love with France I was really looking forward to this table... There was a salmon and endive, quiche, stuffed mushrooms, escargot in puff pastry, lental salad, steak in a pepercorn sauce, and scallop potatoes. I really enjoyed the lental salad and the quiche!

Unfortunately, By the time we got to the German area we started to feel a bit full, and when we got there, there wasn't much left. So we decided to move to dessert!
I enjoyed all of them, the chocolate strawberry, the chocolate covered cream puff,  a chocolate cake, a cake with raisins, and my favorite (I MUST GET THE RECIPE) a cannoli filled with an orange cream and chocolate!

Thank you to the Art Institute for having such a neat night, Thank you to Pat for the invitation and Thank you to all the students for creating such yummy dishes!

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Matt Moncauskas said...

Man, the food was great!

favorite dishes were the Rice with clams and fish from Spain and the Pork in the Masala? from Italy

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