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So the other night we enjoyed dinner at 'Rubys'!
We often go there before we go see a movie at the theater. Its fun to take a trip back in time to a 50's diner. Even if for just a moment and the shakes are so good! Most of the time when we go I get the turkey sliders, Little turkey patties, with grilled onions and Hawaiian rolls.
Its just the right amount of food, not to much.

Whats the other story? Well across the sidewalk from where we were sitting is a 'Bath & Body Works' (I know not really a food thing to blog about, but it is...) In the store front window they had a sign 7 for $20 on all anti-bacterial products. Well that's a great deal! But the neat thing is they came out with a new line of kitchen soaps. (That's the food thing, Kitchen = Food)

I didn't think it would take me awhile to chose seven different types but it was actually quite hard. There were so many great smelling kinds! I finally did and got to the movie on time. But here is what I chose, Kitchen Lemon, Kitchen Fresh Lime & Basil, Kitchen Gourmet Spice, White Citrus, Cucumber Melon, Pink Grapefruit, and Midnight Pomegranate. I think we are good on soap for awhile!

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