Cook or Be Cooked, Wii Game by Food Network

So I can't wait to try this game!

Cook or Be Cooked, Wii Game by Food Network

Product Description:
Stir-up some action and cook like a pro with the only game created with Food Network! Cut, slice and dice your way through 30+ real recipes taught by the experts from Food Network. Cook in multi-player mode or on your own. There’s never too many cooks in this kitchen!

# Real Instruction: Game is designed with Food Network Kitchens to ensure authenticity.
# Real Recipes: Includes 30+ recipes that you can take into your kitchen.
# Multiplayer: All recipes can be played in cooperative and competitive modes.
# Two-player cook-off mode and up-to-four-player hot potato co-op mode.
# Utilize the Wii's motion control capabilities: Trains players in proper movements and techniques to become an accomplished chef.
# Both Wii remote and Nunchuk are used to simulate a wide variety of utensils and and appliances.

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