Kooking With Kids

During babysitting this past weekend, I was able to have a six year old cook for me!

Cook Emma did an excellent job browsing through one of my new cookbooks "Ratatouille, What's Cooking: A Cookbook For Kids" And picked out recipes she would like to make.

Emma also picked out the ingredients at the store and prepared the dinner and dessert. Of course I helped with the cutting and hot things but Emma ended up preparing most of it by herself! It was a good idea to have ready some ingredients, like for the macaroni cheese the cooked pasta the day before and tossed in a bit of olive oil so it would not stick.

The Menu: 
Remy's Macaroni and Cheese & Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae

The Preparation: 
Not to hard, easy to put together and fun to create.


The Result: 
One Yummy dinner and dessert, "TWO THUMBS UP! and a pinky!" 

Sugar Wafers
White Frosting
Frozen Yogurt (optional)
Chocolate Sauce (optional)

1. Build an Eiffel Tower on your plate using sugar wafers as your building
blocks and frosting as your cement. You will need to cut some cookies
into smaller shapes so your tower stands.
2. Make a French flag by drawing one on paper using markers or crayons,
then cut it out, and tape or glue it to a whole or a half toothpick
depending on how tall you want it to stand. Add the flag to the top of
the tower.

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