Christmas At The Westbourne

Everytime I go to The Westborne, I fall more and more in love with them the fabulous food!

I've eaten there a handful of times since I was about 15 years old visiting my auntie Kathleen and soon to be uncle Ollie and now later visiting my brother Thomas.
Saturday the 19th, I went to London to visit Thomas. Since we would be missing each other for Christmas Day, we went out for a lovely Christmas lunch at The Westborne.

During my visit we bumped into my uncle Rupert and a quick chat on the phone with my auntie Kathleen. perhaps if the Eurostar had not got 5 trains stuck in the tunnel I would have possibly been able to spend more time chating and dining in London... maybe next time.

My dapper little brother

Me and my uncle Rupert

So, Thomas had the Pork, the skin on top was cooked crispy to perfection! It was paired with a sort of beet salad and potatoes au gratin. The taste I had was so scrumptious, but it didn't stear me from my tasty looking plate.

I had the Roasted Turkey with stuffing, with roasted vegetables, a cranberry dressing, and one of my favorites... brussel sprouts! Everything was cooked to perfection! Turkey was tender, vegies wern't over done at all and the cranberry dressing had these petite cranberrys that sort of burst. It was devine!

The atmostphere is awsome, plenty of neat photos on the wall and I love the mix and match of tables and chairs. The Christmas tree and decorations were just perfect.

The staff there is great too, always friendly and ready to serve.
Luan, Kaziu and I

 Paddy Smith, Tani and I

If the names are incorrect, let me know, I had my silly brothers help.

Thanks for a wonderful time Westbourne!

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