'Cité du Dragon'

The night before I left Belgium, the family and I went out to one of my most favorite restaurants, 'Cité du Dragon'. Not only is the food amazing but the atmosphere is unbelievable. I can't even to begin to explain how amazing and beautiful this place is. I have yet to enjoy a lunch there out on their beautiful patio but when I do I'm sure I'll fall more in love with this place. Just check out their 'Cité du Dragon' website its also really neat too.

When you first walk in there is a beautifully decorated bar and lounge area, with yes, Fish in the floor! Its a large glass floor with big coy fish swimming in and out, under the floor, to their out door pond. As you walk outside by the coy fish pond there is an array of beautiful plants, statues and walk ways! It leads to a whole garden of treasures. Back inside every table is set to perfection and also has a bowl of yummy prawn crackers on them.


For dinner we had a "Chinese Fondue". It was a large double sided pot over a burner and had a chicken stock and a spicy stock we added meat, vegtables, and noodles till cooked then we had these special spoons we used to take out our food for eating.

Their website explains it as "You dip finely cut slices of pork and beef fillet, pork kidney, chicken, angler, ink-fish and scampi in a boiling Chicken broth. The whole thing is served with carefully selected vegetables and a choice of sauces. This dish, also known as Ta Pin Lou (the battle around the fire), is a typical northern Chinese dish."

It was really neat to cook, and fish out your dinner. It was very similar to having Phở, which is a Vietnamese beef and noodle soup. The soup includes noodles made from rice and is often served with basil, lime, bean sprouts and peppers that are added to the soup by the customer.

I really enjoyed doing this and I can't wait to try it out with my friends.


For dessert we had this apple thing which was absolutely delicious! It even came with a show. A man came out with a platter of apples that had been dipped in a batter then coated in a melted sugar then dropped into a bowl of ice water to harden. Then when those were all plated he took the left over sugar and drizzled it over the water to create a beautiful design of edible golden sugar.


'Cité du Dragon'
Chaussee de Waterloo, 1022-1024 1180 Bruxelles (Uccle)
Phone : 02.375.80.80
Fax : 02.375.69.77
Mail : brussels@citedudragon.be

Open from 12 to 2:30 pm & from 6:30pm to 11:00pm

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