What Is Your Favorite Cookbook? And A Look At 'Jamie's America'

I just finished reading 'Jamie's America' Written by Jamie Oliver, I absolutely loved it.

This book takes a look at New York, Louisiana, Arizona, Los Angeles, Georgia, and The Wild West. Each chapter has their own style of food and people to match. 'Jamie's America' was really interesting and was neat to see the history of each area and its distinctive  tastes. In the opening of each chapter, there was a little story about Jamie Oliver's travels through that area.
As I read each beginning and then browsed each recipe that followed, each chapter made me excited and couldn't wait to read the next chapter. 
Also the Photos in this book, by David Loftus, were absolutely amazing!

The book also made me want to travel across America, Dining and Devouring great food along the way. I'm really looking forward to cooking out of the book and I'm sure I'll post that in the future.

Thanks Harry & Stephanie for the great book!

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What are your favorite cookbooks?
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MAtt Moncauskas said...

My Favorite cookbook is the BBQ Bible!!!

Stephen said...

Joy of Cooking. It has every basic recipe you'll ever need and also has a recipe for just about everything you find at the store. Beef hearts- Check. Hominy- Check. Cactus pears- Check. Yep it's got a recipe for everything.

All of Jamie Oliver's books. Great inspiration for using all of your fresh herbs and ingredients.

French Laundry Cookbook. I dream of the day I have this much time to devote to making the perfect stock.

Anonymous said...

NIGELLA EXPRESS by Nigella Lawson - love her writing, but sometimes have trouble converting grams into cups, etc. . . .

Rebecca Louise said...

Thanks for your comments, I want to check these books out now!

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