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Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been gone from my blog for a bit! I haven't forgotten about Dine & Devour! Just been a bit busy and I have also been braving myself up for my drawing of the 100th post winner! I'm planing to pick the suggestion in the next couple of days!

But in the mean time devour this website...

While planting my new basil the other day,
Yes! My other plant died! But it was only for the best because while browsing for a new basil plant I came across a three packer of basil. It came with Sweet Basil, Boxwood Basil, and Thai Basil! They all smell and taste amazing but the Thai smells and taste really amazing and I can't wait to make a Thai dish with it!

And trying to avoid the last fiasco of a plant dying :( I decided this time I would research the internet for tids and tid bits on keeping my herb garden healthy and yummy as long as I could. Like did you know, with a sweet basil plant you are supposed to pinch off the flowers to help the plant grow... I just thought they were pretty little flowers growing from my plant, I had no idea I was keeping it from growing by leaving them there!

Of course there are tones of websites that jump out at you and sometimes too much information is over load which is why I loved this site http://herbgardening.com/

It has a list of most of the herbs found in my garden and each section talks about:
the herb, Growing Guide, and all these other helpful tips...

Growing Cultures
Plant Height
Plant Spacing
Preferred pH Range
Seed Germination Period
Seeds Per Gram (Approximate)
Soil Requirements
Alternative Growing Media
Time From Seed to Saleable Plant
Sun & Lighting Requirements
USDA Hardiness
Water Requirements
Potential Pests & Diseases
Special Notes

The website is easy to read and extremely helpful it also has photos to help. If you have a herb garden or plan to start one I hope you too find helpful research to guide you with health herbs!

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Chris and his Sweet Basil said...

Hello there fellow planter! It looks like we're both into herbs. We should trade tids and bits sometime.

Chris and his Sweet Basil said...

By the way, it looks like you have rodents in your plants! ;-)

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