And The Winner Is!!!

Finally, I took 5 minutes to pick out the winner for my 100th post!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a idea!
And even though I could only pick one 100th post winner, I'm pretty sure I will  blog about some of the other entry's!

Matt is my witness (and the camera guy) I did put most all the entry's in there.
Sorry, there were a couple that weren't feasible at this time.

About the winning pick:
So about a month ago I received a email for a promotion of a new restaurant opening in North Park. URBN Coal Fired Pizza is scheduled to open April 2010. The email is enticing with words like "authentic coal fired oven", "laid-back atmosphere", and "award-winning, thin-crust New Haven style pizza"! 
 The Email also included beautiful pictures like...
Looks So Delicious!

So anyways,
I forwarded the email to Matt...
About a 2 weeks later the 100th post idea came up...
Calling Matt a week into posting the 100th idea saying...
"Please comment! What if nobody does!" :) hee hee
And the URBN Pizza email was the idea he posted.
Then I got more and more ideas... got to my 95th post, picked one, and here we are!

Again thanks to all the entry's! I had a fabulous time reading all the entry's!


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cheesy potato mashup =(

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