A Fabulous Cupcake CAKE And 11 cupcakes!

For my birthday last year I got a cupcake cake pan (Thanks Aimee!). 
It makes this giant cupcake.
For Thomas' 11th Birthday I used this pan to make a cake for him.
Chocolate on Chocolate!

This Dimensions® Giant Cupcake Pan is really neat. Its easy to use and I've never had an issue making a cake with it, even if it is giant! When the cake is baked and cooled I shave off a bit off the top to make it level. Then put top to bottom with filling and then ice the top and decorate. For a little fun I put chocolate and a spoonful of vanilla icing in my piping bag to make a swirl effect!

I used box mix this time because I was pressed for time. If your using box mix it takes about two boxes for the cupcake cake and twelve cupcakes.

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