Sam The Cooking Guy - Book Signing

I am so happy I went and picked up the new cookbook by Sam The Cooking Guy and got it signed! What a awesome experience!

My number was 130! So I was there for two hours, but I met a lovely girl named Megan (131) and we chatted a bit she even helped take a photo when it was my turn. (Thanks Megan!)
The worst is I got all flustered! I dunno why! I could have asked a question or said something funny... instead I just smiled and waited patiently for the autograph for my new cookbook.

I'm such a nerd!

It was a really neat experience. Sam Zein is really nice, easy to get and explains his recipes well. He seems really out-going and fun to be around!

My first book signing:

- I bought the book. Got a wrist band and was sure to save my receipt.

- Sat down in the assigned area and had a perfect seat for viewing and photos.

- Watched as Sam Zien came out, Spoke a little, answered some questions, and cooked up some awesome mashed potato tacos - with Cholula hot sauce!

- Then they organized the line in numerical order and proceeded to wait, chat, browse the books I was around, eat half a sandwich from the cafe, so on and so on...

- OH, also they served some mashed potato tacos to the line...
I got two, could have eaten 100! Those things were good! I now see what everyone was talking about, I see why they are popular!

- Got to the front, got flustered, got the book signed and parted ways with Sam The Cooking Guy, My new friend Megan, and Barnes And Nobel - Mira Mesa!
I had him sign by the inside quote because its 'fricking' Awesome!

So now I know what to do at my next signing and can't wait for the next one, Sam - I'll think of something to say!

Thanks For An Awesome Night,
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Here is the book info - Pick one up! or more :)
I can't wait to cook from it!


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Megan Truett said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout-out. Made my evening :)

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