Mashed Potato Tacos & Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

Mashed Potato Tacos
At the book signing for Sam The Cooking Guy, he made and gave out some very yummy Mashed Potato Tacos (link).

I wanted to be able to share these with Matt and friends. So last week went down to the market and picked up some small tortillas, mashed some potatoes, and created these little yummy treats.

Everyone loved them!
One of the best things about this recipe is that the ingredients go a long way... they can make a lot for a group or refrigerate the ingredients for few snacks here and there.

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple 

So as we cooked the Mashed Potato Tacos we waited patiently for the (also yummy) Bacon Wrapped Pineapple to bake up.
Oh I'm drooling just typing this up!
Anything is great wrapped in bacon. Pineapple and bacon have that sweet and salty thing going on. You have got to try these!

So the directions are simple...
- Pineapple spears halved
- Bacon (I like that thick cut kind)
Wrap the pineapple with the bacon and bake in a pre-heated 425°F oven for about 15-20 minutes, on a foiled pan (easy clean up), until the bacon is golden and crispy and your drooling over the smell coming from the oven!
And just in case that wasn't enough, When you pull them from the oven and plate, I sprinkle them with a bit of brown sugar!

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