A Perfect Book For Memorial Day BBQ's!

If your work isn't closed for Memorial Day, May 31st, that is too bad for you! I hope your getting paid double time! :)

Anyways, I have the perfect book for your Memorial Day Barbecue or even Fathers Day Barbecue.

The new 'Planet Barbecue' by Steven Raichlen takes a look at barbecue recipes from around the world. It includes techniques, tips, and plenty of photos to help your barbecue adventures. This is a great book because it helps to break away from the normal hot dogs and hamburgers and electrify our taste buds with things like 'Honey and Soy Split-Roasted Chicken Wings' (page 23), and 'Butterflied New York Strip with Bacon and Eggs' (page 157).

I also love the "Advance Preparation" sections for each recipe. This helps me to know if I need to marinade items for long or short periods of time. It also says if I should prep sauces ahead. Some of the main recipes even include side recipes like the 'Mexican Guacamole' (page 131) to pair with your main dish.

'Planet Barbecue' is easy to read, the photos are awesome, and I love the 'Barbecue History' in the opening of the book. I've gotten about half way through reading and browsing the book and this Memorial Day I plan to make three recipes and blog about them. I think one of my choices maybe the 'Grilled Bread With Chocolate' (page 112).

If you have the book already and have cooked from it, what was one of your favorite recipes?

'Planet Barbecue' can be found on his website store link here.

be available for purchase and Steven Raichlen will have a book signing:
June 02, 2010 7:00 PM
San Diego-Mission Valley - Borders
1072 Camino Del Rio N.
San Diego, CA 92108

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