There is nothing like a good British Breakfast!

There is nothing like a good British Breakfast!
Check this out...
I'm drooling just posting this right now!
This fabulous breakfast was devoured over the weekend by me. I ate almost the entire plate before realizing "I think I'm full!" luckily I had my Father in-law and Matt there to help finish off some of the sausage otherwise, if I did, they would have had to roll me out the door!

We to The Shakespeare Pub watch the Germany vs. Italy soccer game, Italy won. Beer for breakfast and fish and chips were on the menu. But the description of the English Breakfast caught my eye! I then followed my breakfast with a cup of PG Tips and a stroll to the Shakespeare Shoppe. (Another post to come)
I love this place because the menu and atmosphere takes me back to dining when I was a kid. The soccer game took me back too and wished for my Dad to be there too for some Ooooh! Ahhhh! Oh! -ing!

So here are some more pictures...
3701 India St.
San Diego, CA 92103
Tel. (619) 299-0230

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