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The apron was traditionally viewed as an essential garment for anyone doing housework. Cheaper clothes and washing machines made aprons less common beginning in the mid 1960s in some countries such as the United States. However, the practice of wearing aprons remains strong in many places.
 Woman of the 1920's wearing a full-length house apron with criss-cross straps.

Today, the apron has enjoyed a minor renaissance in terms of both women and men now wearing them when performing household chores. For instance, an article in the Wall Street Journal claimed in 2005 that the apron is "enjoying a renaissance as a retro-chic fashion accessory" in the United States. However, it still is not as prevalent as it was prior to the 1960s.

Aprons are nowadays considered equally appropriate for both women and men by most people. However, prevailing social norms ensure that women frequently wear more delicate clothing, and may therefore be more likely to want the protection an apron offers. This can also be because the apron is the traditional clothing for cooking and washing dishes, things that such norms dictate to usually be done by women. Since an apron can be used to protect your body while cooking, many people think that aprons should be used for any cook in the world.

My collection of aprons... (so far)

My Jessie Steele Apron
Probably my most favorite. I hate to even wear it in case I mess it up. I originally found out about Jessie Steele when I was visiting a shop in Down Town Disney. I immediately fell in love! I mentioned to my mom how cute it was and surprise she ordered one for me. I love the French pattern on the front and the matching towel. I look forward to getting more of Jessie Steel's collection!

My 'Wanna-be' Curtis Stone Apron
This apron I found at Ikea. Its my 'wanna-be' Curtis Stone apron because it looks like the apron Curtis Stone wears while he's in the kitchen. One day I plan to pick up a real one from his site, but for now this will do.

This is my 'New' Summer Apron
Its so fancy! I picked it up at one of those discount stores for about $8.00. It has layers of frills to it in bright colors. It looks more like a dress then an apron.

In Love With Damask Apron
The damask pattern is my all time favorite. I had originally picked out this apron because I wanted something cute like my Jessie Steel apron but worried about destroying my Jessie Steel apron. So getting this one was supposed to help in my dilemma... but now I don't want to mess up this damask one... Good thing I have a bunch more to dirty up!

This apron I found at a store here in San Diego. I love it and its my everyday apron. Its a simple black and I love how the tie runs through it making a loop for around the neck. It has a large pocket in the front with two buttons where the pocket starts that say "Two Lumps Of Sugar". I wanted a matching towel so I sewed a loop out of ribbon onto a black and white towel and it hooks over one of the buttons.

Minnie Mouse Hostess Apron
I just love Disneyland and just last year they came out with really neat kitchen ware items for their shops. This is the Minnie Mouse apron I picked up on my last visit. There is also a matching Mickey Mouse one I plan to get too.

English Breakfast Apron
This one reminds me of England! Found this one at The UK Corner Shop. Just look at the pic... Need I say more!

Well there it is, my ever growing collection of aprons.
Please let me know if you have seen a cute, rad, must have that I could add to the group.

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Seymour said...

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bee-bop said...

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