Regal As A Beagle At The Regal Beagle

Happy hour at the Regal Beagle on a Wednesday consist of 25cent wings!
25cent wings?! Who else has an awesome thing like that?!

So far this is my favorite place for sweet potato fries! They are so good, cooked to perfection, just a bit thick, and perfectly salted - yum I'm drooling just typing this.

So here is my problem - I've only been for the happy hour wingsday and mini-dog-Monday. I need to make it there for the sausages they also serve. I've had lots of people tell me they are excellent.

They offer plenty of types of beer. I also fail at this because I'm not really a drinker, as much as I long to be I'm just not. But my friends and husband keep heading back for the beer so they must be doing something right. My Matt and Mat get this taster thing with smaller glasses of different types of beers on it. They finish it every time, talk about each one, nod their heads and smile... The beers are good!
The atmosphere is awesome it reminds me of a pub I'd find back in England and the staff is really friendly. 

Check 'em out! I'm going to lots more!

The Regal Beagle
3659 India St. Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92103

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Mary said...

I haven't found too many places that do good sweet potato fries - a lot of the times I get them they are usually undercooked or not crispy. So sad. Nice to know there's a place that makes them right!

Oh and your music player is now playing Mumford & Sons which I totally adore!

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