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Dine & Devour is now featured on uncouthgourmands!
I am so excited to be apart of this fabulous website.
If you love foodie blogs you must click on the link below and look around at uncouthgourmands site.
Well put together and fabulous photos!
 Link Here > :)
Be sure to check out the 'Freaks & Geeks' section where you can find awesome bios put together for fellow foodie bloggers!

For example:
San Diego - Dine & Devour

Dine & Devour
We are walking at sunset on the beach in San Diego, right on the border of Mexico. All we have to our name is a few shots of tequila in our system, enough ceviche to make the animals at Sea World wail in mourning, and some skimpy black bikinis. The light of the sunset makes a mirage like quality on the water; suddenly, we see a Saloon style bar floating on the water. We swim out and there Rebecca Louise greets us. She slides a couple more shots to us across this magical bar and says, “I was the one who put the worm in the tequila.” We pause and laugh thinking she is joking. “No”, she says, “I put the worm in there for the sake of all poor foodies like me. Once you consume the worm you end up in some dreamlike tropical paradise. I did that for all the foodies in the world who cannot travel to eat their hearts desire.” We laughed again. We were drunk but not that drunk. So we kept on floating in that magical bar across the ocean to an Island with a volcano made of mole sauce.

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