Trolly to Ferry to Coranado

What a beautiful day we had yesterday in San Diego! 
It was the final class for Fall semester of my menu planning class with Chef Sara Polczynski. A field trip was planed to Candelas On the Bay in Coronado. Before we would dine, the class took a ferry from San Diego over to Coronado. The trip over was beautiful due to the weather but also because of the wonderful city I live in and the great company I was with. I was so excited to be out there trying something new and would recommend this day trip to anyone living or visiting San Diego. What a fabulous idea it was! 

I was able to invite my sister along for this trip and the oncoming spring semester. To save on "Downtown Parking" we met a few of my classmates up at the trolley station. It was $5.00 for a day pass and free parking, not to mention all the money I saved on gas. I believe the ferry cost $7.50.

Lunch at Candelas On the Bay was very pleasant, it started with some rolls, I woke up this morning wishing I had more. I am tempted to find out if I can just go there and buy/eat their rolls. Not that the other menu items weren't amazing, its just the rolls were so good! 

The sesame rolls were baked with a cream cheese filling, The other two I didn't have but also looked great I think one of them had a jalapeno filling. Along with the rolls was a creamy, herb-y, cheesy spread. 

Then came out the salad, arugula with a vinaigrette and chunks of blue cheese.
After that was the entree. Enchiladas, Carne Asada, with Black Bean puree and Rice.   

Dessert was a taste of caramel crepe and a chocolate mouse with a champagne sorbet and caramel decor. 

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