Pioneer Woman's, Marlboro Man Sandwich

The Marlboro Man Sandwich popped out at me when I waited in line to meet Pioneer Woman at her LA book signing earlier this year. It seemed to pop out at me and say, "Make this for Matt!"

Now I'm really sorry Pioneer Woman but I did have to change it up... I had a bit of hamburger left in the fridge that I used and I had a french bread that needed to be eaten... But the sandwich came out great so I'm sure next time I follow the recipe it will be just wonderful! I loved how simple it was, especially after a long day of work. 

I would love to try it too with Pioneer Woman's other suggestions...

"Now, if I weren’t married to a straight-up-meat-and-potatoes rancher, I would probably cook a bunch of sliced mushrooms with the onions. I’d add a little sherry to the meat mixture. And I’d melt a little sliced mozzarella on the top. But that’s just me. Truth is, you could play around with this sandwich as much as you’d like: different veggies, different seasonings (thyme, fresh garlic, etc.), or a topping of different cheeses. Go play! Have fun! And report back to me if you make any life-altering modifications." - Pioneer Woman

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