Cook Through 'River Cottage Everyday' - pages: 214, 308

Recipe: 'Chicken and mushroom casserole with cider'
Page: 214

Recipe: 'Three root mash'
Page: 308

The first recipes of my cook through went really well. 
I made 'Chicken and mushroom casserole with cider"' and 'Three root mash' It came out great, lots of flavor. I used my favorite Julian Hard Cider and although it was great I'd love to try it with half Julian Hard and half of a non-alcoholic apple cider to get a stronger apple flavor. I also used Colman's British mustard, which isn't hard to find at any super market. The chicken recipe was simple and would be easy to recreate even after a long day of work. I loved the three root mash. I mean parsnips! You can't go wrong. I used carrots and potatoes as well. I followed the recipe cooking the the carrots and parsnips first and then combining the potatoes and the rest of ingredients.
Not having a food processor I used a immersion blender and blended the carrots and parsnips. I think my mash was a bit more chunkier than in the book but I still enjoyed it.

Cook Through 'River Cottage Everyday' so far is great!

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Lizzie Lee said...

Your pictures got me really hungry, the meals look delicious, and I absolutely love mustard... gotta go cook something, and if I fail it again, as I am hopeless, order some food online.

Kathy Ranney said...

Oh, these pics....Look sooooo tasty! I wanna try everything right now! Thanks a lot for sharing.

Glory said...

Wow... it really looks delicious. i cant wait to got it to try.

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